Karolína Kopřivová

How would you describe what you do?
Deal with fused glass sculptures and jewelry made of glass.

What is design for you?
It is a combination of functionality and beauty into one subject.

How did you get to work with TABLO?
I was approached by Iva Tattermuschova.

What personality influences you?
I was very influenced by my father, a glass painter, his approach to genuine craft.

What book do you have on the bedside table?
Then I have several books, eg. Encyclopedia of European architecture, a trilogy about Cicero and I time to time open a book dedicated to the Baroque.

What was your favorite school subject?
🙂 Art and Literature.

Journey of your dreams?
I’d love to see some Egyptian pyramids and a little romantic dream of visiting the Taj Mahal.

+ question for Karolína:
With Pavel (your husband) you are faithful to the region with glass roots. Is it for you a place with special charm?
Yes, definitely, I feel in these places atmosphere combined with glass foundries and workshops. At every step I find traces of the amazing history of Czech glass.

Karolína designed:

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