Lukáš Urbanec

How would you describe what you do?
If you are asking about job, so I have an office and studio. In the office I work on comp, or papers, in the studio I do the creative work. I switch between. Most often doing graphics in the studio is screenprinting.
Recently I cooperate mainly with Sladovna in Písek, this gallery specializes in interactive exhibition projects for children. When it’s time, I’m doing music. It’s colorful, I do what I enjoy.

What is design for you?
Design makes me happy. Makes things fun, attractive and functional.

How did you get to work with TABLO?
I remember that I had for few years at home a box of about thirty bowls that I made perhaps shortly after school. I wrote Iva, if she could sell it. So it probably began.

What personality influences you?
Hard to say. At school, there were a lot of interesting people in studios, lectures. Every day, it was intensive. Now, those meetings are no longer held such often, I’m surrounded by circle of peers. Together we create, we talk about life, influencing each other.

What book do you have on the bedside table?
On the bedside table (which is the typesetter box for screen printing) I have:
Adrian Johns – Piracy: The Intellectual Property Wars from Gutenberg to Gates
Václav Cílek – Tsunami is Still With Us
Laurent Gounelle – The Man Who Would Be Happy
and Václav Vlachý – Sound Engineering Practice
These I gradually read over 🙂

What was your favorite school subject?
At the elementary school and high school it was mathematics, but mostly I drew during lessons. In college you already have a choice of countless possibilities.

Journey of your dreams?
Airships anywhere, prefer to Mongolia.

+ question for Lukáš:
You didn’t stay in the field of porcelain design for long, but the story of the so called Heart bowl seem to be sufficient – could you tell us?
Actually, I hope that was not enough, that something will eventually arises 🙂
When folding of the hands to yourself to keep the water, the level makes a heart shape. The dish it does so too… and of course, with the bowl are connected series of personal memories and stories.

Lukáš designed:

Iva Jirka