Antonín Tomášek

How would you describe what you do?
In addition to leading the Ceramic Design Studio at the Faculty of Art and Design JEPU in Ústí nad Labem, I have my workshop in the centre of Prague. For me, the ideal space to work, business and friendly meetings.
I enjoy ordinary life of practical things. The way how we daily use them and especially what we experince while using them. I like situations where, besides useful services (functions), things talk to us. They assure us and remind us of where we are and who we are. They connect our lived past with future and help our memory to not get lost in space, in time – in us.

What is design for you?
Design is commercially successful word. Sounds more forcefully than the original Czech designation Applied Art. Everyone sees it own way. Someone only as a design activity – the process of designing. Others are fascinated by elusive virtual, visual world and its energy and aesthetics. Another, perhaps based on the feeling of abundance and futility, wander on conceptual art-design way, etc. There are many possibilities. Design can be used and abused. In a way, it’s a clue of how to attract attention.

How did you get to work with TABLO?
Once afternoon I had the window open when appeared Iva’s head in bicycle helmet. She asked me to open.

What personality influences you?
Besides friends are the main characters from movies, novels, comics and stories whispered. Along with artists, they influence me more than personalities from the field of design. I perceive current events, but more than perfectly mastered aesthetics, I admire the concept beyond formal approach, will and commitment, which stands for implementation. Hats off to all those who are honest in their work…

What book do you have on the bedside table?
Since my workshop is connected to the bookstore I ask myself: “What book did you read last?” I read over a few books. According to fatigue I select the genre. I continuously draw from The Discoverers by Daniel J. Boorstin. Currently on the list of my books is Bruno Munari – Art as a Craft, or comics The Castle by Jaromir 99. Other authors are Franz Kafka and David Z. Mairowitz, and so on…

What was your favorite school subject?
How to understand this? Perhaps the best subject at primary school was Gardening with Mr. Kůra (Mr. Bark). The result of efforts was eatable and during the spring we were out in the garden. Concerning the school supplies, there was fascinating demountable model of the human body. I can not remember the name by which he was called, if Ludva or Eman. He reached us during the second level of Primary School, but I still remember the amazement of the first class, when we first met during a break in the hallway.

Journey of your dreams?
It’s the future…

+ question for Antonín:
Janek, your son grows up so fast. How does it workout with you? I’m happy and I enjoy it. Janek often revives me some situations I experienced as a child. Either I do not saved them in my mind, or I forgot. It’s an adventure…

Antonín designed:

Iva Jirka