Pavel Kopřiva

How would you describe what you do?
Looking for other meanings in ordinary connections, changing the rules in established situations.

What is design for you?
Design is such a sponge, absorbs everything that occurs in fine art.

How did you get to work with TABLO?
I met with Iva and she approached me.

What personality influences you?
Chinese philosophers Lao’c and Chuang.

What book do you have on the bedside table?
I am interested in military history, so I read memories of General Hnělička, the last living survivor of the Battle of Tobruk.

What was your favorite school subject?
Gym, Arts and History.

Journey of your dreams?
Pacific, some islands, I would join the interest in history with warm sea and beautiful underwater landscape.

+ question for Pavel:
Like Karolína (your wife) you have glassmaking history, but among other things, you like to play the Marines. How You compensate that we anchor in the Czech Republic without the sea?
I compensate it by looking at historical photographs. I like a lot of water phenomenon and may not exactly be the sea. More than being on the water, I’m interested in their navy ships and Culture – ways of dressing, tattoos, habits and life on the ship. It is unbelievable how many trends in contemporary culture and design is originally sailor thing. Construction of vessels is another huge inspiration.

Pavel designed:

Iva Jirka